Leslie and Annie love serving families. Here's what they have to say about Go Baby Doula:

"Having a doula for my second birth was everything I didn't know I needed. Leslie was recommended by a friend and, after a terrible, traumatic, prior delivery where I was bullied into unnecessary medical interventions at the convenience of the hospital, I decided to give it a try. Leslie was the support I needed to communicate my needs to the staff. She helped educate me on rights within the birth setting and best practices for me and the baby through delivery. She was also a huge help during the delivery to my husband, who is always hugely supportive. Leslie was able to guide him on how to best support me through labor and delivery - comfort measures that he couldn't possibly have known. Thanks to her, I can look back on my second birth and actually have happy tears. I wish everyone could have that kind of experience." - Stephanie M. 

"We had a wonderful experience with Annie as our doula. We were a little worried about the birth, but she was so upbeat and positive; it made the whole thing feel like more joyful and even festive. We had a long labor and Annie was there the whole time. She was incredibly helpful in finding more comfortable positions for labor, and knew exactly when to get involved and when to step back. We also appreciated the follow-up visit, where she helped us with bottle feeding. Highly recommended." - Elizabeth B.

"I worked with Leslie as she was supporting my patient during her un-medicated labor and delivery. Leslie was instrumental in making an un-medicated birth become a reality for her. The patient labored in the tub and Leslie was supportive every step of the way with essential oils, music and a calm supportive environment. She even encouraged the significant other to get in the tub with my patient and support her, which I believe helped my patient cope tremendously. At one point the patient was voicing (as most laboring women do at some point) that she couldn't take the pain anymore and wanted an epidural. Leslie compassionately reminded my patient of what her original goal was (un-medicated birth) and that she was strong and completely capable of making it through. The patient was able to have a beautiful un-medicated birth as she had desired. It was such a pleasure to work along-side Leslie, and I'm so glad that my patient had her compassion, guidance and support!" - Christine P.

"I worked with Annie while caring for a patient whose first language was not English, making communication slightly more challenging. Annie still made every effort to make sure the patient felt safe, supported and understood, even down to scratching her back if she felt itchy! She supported the patient both during labor and delivery and after delivery to ensure that the patient felt comfortable entering her new role as a Mother. The patient was incredibly grateful to Annie for being there to support her during her labor, as well as I because I had a sense of security knowing that she would be well cared for! Annie's passion for supporting women during their labor and delivery is both refreshing and inspiring. It was a pleasure to work with her!" - Christine P. 

"Leslie has been fantastic! We hired her after our second baby was born and she has helped us navigate through our fourth trimester with our newborn. As an anxious mother, I have found peace and balance having her in my home! She is a calming force when your world is upside down. She is amazing with babies and knows exactly what mom needs whether it's a nap, shower or a hot meal! She's a phenomenal listener and very supportive and so wise and mothering. I cannot speak highly enough about her! If you were thinking about hiring a postpartum doula then I would highly recommend Leslie!" - Kelly P.

"Annie really helped with my birthing process, I feel like it would have went totally different if she wasn't there! Thanks for making my experience perfect." - Julia M.

"Annie and Leslie are amazing! Their love for babies and families is unmatched. I consider Annie a part of my family, and feel blessed to do so! My kids love her, and anyone would be lucky to have Go Baby Doula as part of their pregnancy journey!" - Kylee C.

"Annie White has been taking care of my baby for over a year, She is energetic, friendly, reliable, and most importantly caring. I never feel uncomfortable leaving my precious girl with Annie because I know she will be well taken care of and have fun. We look forward to Annie the Nanny days every week. If I decide to have a second baby I would absolutely hire Annie as a Doula." - Mandy F.